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We use cutting-edge research in hydroponics to grow plants that are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins. We do this without any genetic modification, in a way that can be used for any crop. For example, we produce plant foods with high levels of vitamin B12 which is otherwise not found in plant matter. For instance, less than 30g of our spinach would give your entire day’s worth of B12 and a majority of folic acid, calcium, and iron. Given the high prevalence of nutrient deficiencies in India and other developing countries, especially among vegetarians, this is a game changer.

Which leads us to the question - how do we plan to make our food products available to the masses? That’s the second part of our story. Usually, hydroponic farming is an expensive endeavor, with high CAPEX and OPEX. By developing our own structures and nutrients, and not using artificial lighting, we’ve brought down our expenses to a fraction of our competitors. Which allows us to mass produce foods of everyday consumption such as spinach and tomatoes, and sell them at prices competitive with the regular produce. 

At Locavore, we want to make hydroponic farming the way of the future.



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