LOFODA-G-Meal for Food Security

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The Locally Formulated Dairy Goat-Meal (LOFODA-G-Meal) innovation aims at promoting dairy goat farming within the communities in the entire Kisumu region as a viable and sustainable enterprise for the improvement of food and nutrition security, risk management and resilience to climatic shocks, and to support peaceful co-existence among communities. It has proved to be an excellent solution for many of the challenges faced by people in Kisumu County. For instance, the farmers collect the fodder material during rainy seasons when shrubs and trees are in plenty and store them for use during dry periods thereby reducing conflicts over the natural resources. In addition, it has organized community members, especially women and youth, into production clusters where they jointly grow desmodium and mulato grass together with other naturally occurring shrubs and trees that are used as ingredients in the LOFODA G-Meal. Through this collaboration, peaceful co-existence and harmony amongst the community members has been regained and enhanced and the area is being re-greened with more plant cover. Moreover, the women and youth have found a new stream for generating income through the sale of desmodium and mulato grass, in addition to the sale of milk.

Further, not only has LOFODA-G-Meal provided a sustainable source of fodder and new paths of income, it has also improved the food and nutrition of the community and beyond. Women have started to develop many new recipes using goat milk and families are consuming more goat milk products (smoothies, curd) in their daily diets. With its many health and nutrition benefits, goat milk is an excellent source of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. In addition to home consumption, the goat milk and its products are being sold to urban consumers in the area.

LOFODA-G-Meal is a solution to social, environmental and economic issues in drought-prone, food compromised communities that are facing a bleak future. Socially, the communities get improved nutrition and immune-booster effects of goat milk through improved milk production and consumption. Environmentally, the process is organic and free from substances likely to generate greenhouse-gases which are major climate change causative agents. The production process is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, it promotes the protection and conservation of the various trees and shrubs. Finally, economically, it is a source of income from the sale of LOFODA-G-Meal, the milk and milk products. Farmers will also have the option of selling doe-kids to fetch more income.



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