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Today we are 7.5 billion people and soon 9.8 billion.

We consume more and more, while there are fewer and fewer resources, and we spend more and more energy, for polluting technologies that are expensive and quickly obsolete.

the land is limited, as well as its capacity to absorb all the pollution it is thrown out every year.

With our modern lifestyle, today we need almost 2 planets to live. But we have one and only one and we see  now more and more the limits of our system by the appearance of the concrete effects of climate change.

The Low Tech is designing products that need less energy, less natural resources and less expensive by being ingenious: for example, creating water filters based on terracotta or a wind turbine based on recycled materials. In the Low-Tech Lab, we work on several axes: 1. Awareness and promotion of Low-Tech as an alternative. 2. Production and distribution of low-tech solutions to the greatest number. 3. Accompanying project leaders who work in the same way and who have the same Low-Tech objectives. 4 Supporting the most vulnerable populations by applying Low-Tech solutions so that they have comfort and to change their lifestyle and have a positive impact.

We have developed several Low-Tech projects, including the terracotta water filter that allows to have a 99.9% potable water, a Renault 4L recovered from the case converts into electrical, a Bokashi (composter) to make with household waste a vital source for our gardens, a wind turbine based on printer engine for local applications (charging a phone, turn on LEDs, operate a small pump ...) 

Low-Tech Lab is an innovative project because it takes the opposite of the current trend of developing high-tech products and using more natural resources and energy. Our solutions are different from others in their natural characteristics, operating without energy, simple, easy to install and use, efficient and economic. In addition these technologies are modular and repairable which reduces the cost of manufacture.



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