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Our idea is that we avail food processing and preservation facility to store and preserve foods in plenty times in order to have foods ready and available throughout the year specifically to communities in rural and urban areas of Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya.

In every year in Uganda and Kenya have two food shortage seasons; January through Mach and July through October . In this times food prices always triple the normal prices because its no where and everyone is starving, 68% of families are bond to one meal a day due to scarcity of food and this lowers development and also stunts growths.

In April through June and November through December there is always plenty of food but a lot of  wastage due to poor traditional preservation measures. This leads to economic stunted growth and brings about farm loses. 

Our idea is that we purchase  raw foods from farmers in plenty times at a better price, process the foods, store the foods so well till the scars times and deliver to families on order at a good price to attempt close the season gaps.

This solution addresses this challenge by ensuring clean safe foods available to everyone regardless of the location, economic status and any social lines  throughout the year  thereby also checking on foods price fluctuations.  



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