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Lup is a social enterprise that designs site and community centered solutions for transforming waste into products of value.Currently, we are focused on the construction of an industrial scale solution for the glass waste problem on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Glass waste will be processed into high-quality glass powders and aggregates that can be used as a concrete additive. Our business model follows the principles of the circular economy whereby every step in the supply chain and the operational activities are being considered for the social, environmental and economic costs and benefits. We have a range of value chain partners: the local waste collectors in Cartagena, government/government entities, brands/producers, not-for profits, research institutes and industry etc. We aim to create a synergistic solution
each stakeholder receives even greater benefits for being part of the solution than they would have on their own and together the impacts are amplified. Our innovative solution will allow for significant waste diversion from landfill, reduction in the use of finite resources in concrete manufacturing, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (about 2,500 tonnes per year), we will also be creating over 30 direct jobs by the second year of operation. The cutting-edge technology that we’ll use to produce the low CO2 products, will allow us to drive sustainable glass recycling solutions throughout Colombia.



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