"MAGLOSAI Initiative" To Combat Climate Change

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The Massive Global Sensitization And Innovations Initiative commonly known as 'MAGLOSAI Initiative' is purposely designed to create awareness on the effects of an intense weather and ways to combat the problem within a stipulated time. This initiative consists of three stages; each of these stages must be carried out effectively to ensure an accurate result.

The First stage is called the 'MAGLOSAI STAGE'. This is the point where climate specialists and juniors visit communities around the world especially CO2 emitted Zones which make-up 75% of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They will be engaged in a massive sensitization on the use of renewable natural resources like WIND and SOLAR power which is totally free and reliable with no emissions of CO2 to fossil fuels to generate electricity. They will also be with local and international farmers in planting more trees that absorb CO2 instead of cutting them down and burning bushes. Methane leaking from industries and other source will be given environmental policies in using more improved machines for their operations. During this stage, massive innovations in schools, colleges and communities will be held in producing wind power, solar power and alternative fuels in machines through local and international source. At the end of it, expertise will select Ambassadors that will act as climate hawks in their communities, countries or continents.

The second stage is the 'AMBASSADOR'S STAGE'. Emerging Ambassadors from the first stage will ensure their communities or countries engage in the development of environmental policies and promotion of climate change and weather abatement activities. They will carry out environmental education and ensure that industries, farmers and vehicle owners abide to all environmental laws. They will involve in project writings to ensure all countries are provided with wind or solar power.

The last stage is the 'SUMMIT STAGE'. This is the stage where World leaders, Ambassadors and climate specialists meet to evaluate on their progress and drawbacks. The country or continent with the least emissions of greenhouse gases will be given a prize and the continent with more emissions will be our center of concentration for the other year at the start of the first stage.

The ' MAGLOSAI Initiative' will definitely reduce human activities to 60% by 2030 and 99% by the end of the century. This exercise must start by 2021 and carried annually to ensure the atmospheric temperature less than or exactly 1.5 degree within the next decade.



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