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For the less privileged start-ups, Magnics Group offers pro bono and affordable financial services to micro, small and medium sized businesses making them scale up and grow respectively, with a great potential to reach a wider audience of deprived start-ups and institutions in an unexploited market conservatively worth over $634 billion. This initiative is closely linked with the Goal 8 and 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals which are Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure respectively, of which the finance industry and particularly the general management consulting industry plays a crucial role. Magnics Group as an initiative has a vision of promoting more trades and sustainable economic growth among rural communities through its pro bono and affordable advisory and consulting services offered to micro and small businesses for them to scale and grow up effectively. The services we render at Magnics Group include advisory and management consulting services, financial consulting, audit, accounting and assurance services as well as preparation of strategic business planning, business pitches and financial models. As a way of ensuring that our businesses have their way around finance, we partner with financial institutions, business development institutions and the Government to link these businesses with required funding to scale and grow up effectively which may be in form of loans, grants or equities. We also organise summits and hubs for micro and small scale businesses to come to learn about business financing and planning. Through our various delivery vehicles, we will be able to reach a wider range of privileged and deprived entrepreneurs to get necessary funding for their business in order to enhance growth in their various localities, of which the rural is community is at centre.



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