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              We are the only company in the world with a patent-pending technology allowing a staged implementation of Hyperloop-inspired system within the railway industry. At first we use existing railway corridors and available regulations. When vacuum regulations are in place we can transform the system into a faster version.

                   We start with creation of a hybrid system - Magrail on existing railway corridors: we add a passive magnetic track and a linear motor and at the same time we keep the functionality of conventional railway (allowing the rolling stock currently possessed by operators to depreciate).

                   In the second stage - Hyperrail we transform this system into a vacuum one, using special vacuum covers. Lowering the air pressure allows to reach higher speeds (ca. 600 km/h).

                   In stage three(Hyperloop)  we can build completely new vacuum corridors for speeds of up to 1200 km/h.

                   We have also developed a unique tilting system allowing to negotiate curves up to 76% faster than currently available tilting solutions (i.e. on a curve with 1500 m radius our system will allow to go at a speed of ca. 295 km/h while currently available systems can go ca. 168 hm/h).

                   Cost estimates for the open hybrid system (Stage 1) are EUR 6-8 million per kilometre. The vacuum system on existing railway corridors is expected to cost ca. EUR 18 million per kilometre.

In 2017 we built the first prototype. In 2019, we aim to build a test facility and by the end of 2021 we want to implement a pilot scheme in Europe.

              Our partners include LOT Polish Airlines, Warsaw University of Technology and the Railway Research Institute. We have put together an impressive international Advisory Board, including: Dorota Raben - expert in logistics & the former President of the Board of the Maritime Port of Gdansk SA, Amos Ron - former Director General at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure in Israel, Jacek F Gieras who has conducted a research on Shinkansen SCMaglev at the Central Japan Railway Company, and Vladas Lašas who has co-founded Carbon War room together with Sir Richard Branson.



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