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Food security in light of climate change is a global imperative. In developing nations, the problem is exacerbated by variable weather and unreliable extension services. Farmers in developing countries do not have access to weather forecasts that are field level and on time. Farming activities are dependent on weather, application of fertilizers and pesticide irrigation, and crop harvesting decisions cannot be taken efficiently. Significant crop losses, that are entirely preventable, accrue through adverse weather events. Crop advisories, where available, are not pegged to a farmer's seed variety, sowing date and growing conditions and hence do not dispense timely actionable advice relevant to a farmer Likewise, market trends of their particular crop and location are not available. BKC Aggregator is entrenched in bridging these gaps for individual farmers using data science and software and has developed a scalable solution that addresses each farmer in India individually, to optimize yields and reduce losses

Our solution is two pronged: help farmers optimize yields and income; predict yield in advance of harvest for better positioning in markets. Through our app FASAL SALAH, farmers are guided throughout the crop cycle-hyperlocal weather forecasts, how to prepare the field, seed availability, where to buy inputs, hire implements, application of fertilizers and pesticides, when to harvest, what to do after harvest, where to sell products and latest techniques of preservation. We are with farmers all the time as FASAL SALAH works as their personal advisor. FASAL SALAH serves ~120, 000 farmers across India. A farmer's location, seed variety, and sowing date are ascertained. Then using dynamic weather-based crop modelling, IoT, and automated image processing techniques, their crop is monitored remotely. Dynamic advisories that change with changing weather patterns are available round the clock. Crop pictures are analysed for remedial measures. FASAL SALAH also provides market trends, prices, news, and has evolved into a trusted platform for meaningful interactions in the communities it serves. We also predict crop yields and production quality. Thus, along with farmers, food processors benefit by taking a position in advance and making gains on the commodity market. Our technology is scalable to multiple geographies.

Our mission is to change the social landscape of India through improving the livelihoods of small holder farmers. We are already making an impact (see attached slide deck).

By providing specific, timely and actionable advice to farmers in a format they can best assimilate (language, voice, images, social marketing) on agricultural practices, markets, post-harvest processing, storage and other techniques for enhancing the value of their production, our impact has been:

  • Increased farmer income
  • Increased Improved crop yield and production quality
  • Decreased food loss and crop loss
  • Market and mandi linkages for fair pricing
  • Easier access to and choice of inputs and farm machinery
  • Increased uptake of natural and organic farming practices
  • Increased awareness on improving soil quality and techniques thereby.
  • Farmer empowerment and community building through our 2-way platform for engaging dialogue and relaying news and employment opportunities.



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