Making Internally Displaced People Self Sustaining

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The need for IDP camps to achieve self sustenance is paramount to resolving most of the aftermath issues associated with peace and justice after many-a-civil strife. Our proposition evolves around the concept of creating green houses for vegetables to be managed by these IDP camps which is a fast seller in the African market scenarios. These vegetables have their harvesting time from 90 to 365 days (greenhouse output).

In our quest to achieve good harvest we have also evolved a new concept of planting that enables each vegetable to be planted in a bag (Nigerian type cement bag).

What this does in terms of achievement in harvest is that it creates easy assessment of individual plant proceeds and enables the farm owner to monitor the performance of each plant within the green house

In addition, because it is a green house farm project, the cycle of proceeds/harvest transcends beyond the normal one cycle harvest scenario known by farmers in the African nations. Instead, the green house concept will enable a year long harvest of vegetables irrespective of its external weather conditions. Also, because these vegetables will be done inside used cement sacks (popular in Africa) we can easily assess the number of plants in relation to the harvest percentage expected and be able also to work out a near perfect returns on investment.

Our aim towards achieving peace and justice are predicated on the following:

i. Creating greenhouse farming to be managed my multiple IDPs will promote peace.

ii. The viability of greenhouse farming being an innovation in the African farming environment will also promote justice since this will bring a new wave of resource oriented project.

iii. Peace will be much facilitated when the trained IDPs now integrate into their new societies with this new concept of farming which will be a plus towards aiding acceptability

iv. Because each greenhouse erected as an aid to these IDPS will be limited to a period of usage. the development will thus be escalated by the realization of profit within its first year. the profit will then be used to expand the greenhouses in other virgin farmlands.



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