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Imagine if we could make it rain & rain, wherever & whenever we wanted – even in harsh & rural Africa. Quite surprisingly, our atmosphere already contains 6 times as much waters as all our rivers combined
today remaining largely untapped. Our project is The Discovery of Ice being Atmospheric – nature’s very own solution – formally validated in early 2016.

Water-from-Air systems – condensing atmospheric waters right from thin air – are to become complementary & alternative to the millions of water wells in existence today. We do benefit the ones who need it the most, the “drier souths” & developing nations outright – including over 50% of Africa & Indonesia’s 17.000 islands
as the highs are based on the equator.

Not only can we make it rain & rain – day & night – Water-from-Air doesn’t even require heavy machinery & drilling altogether. We readily grant 100% universal coverage & 100% rural as well. There being no depletion, nor upper limit either. Only Water-from-Air is able to provide summer-time highs & winters highs, if weather permit – only Water-from Air systems & water wells are at reach to farmers, agriculture and small towns.

Today’s leading Water-from-Air systems – Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) – have simply remained too expensive & too high-tech in their early adoption these last decades. As larger commercial units quickly reach hundreds of thousands, they’ve only achieved less than 1% market penetration. Newer desiccant-based systems – being passive systems instead – have been no match commercially at all, just accounting for 5%-10% market share only.

Whereas today’s leading systems can only provide quite-costly 100% automatic systems – we provide simple & affordable 100% manual systems & semi-automatic systems for the very first time. We’re able to provide over 75% savings on capital costs, and even larger electricity savings just with affordable Styrofoam boxes & long-lived ice.

Quite remarkably, our Water-from-Air project meets 3 critical Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs 6, 2 and 15. We provide 100% water security right through summers & drought – even rurally in Africa. In turn, we provide 100% food security agriculturally – agriculture still being the backbone of developing nations on jobs & GDP. Lastly, we fight land degradation & desertification worldwide – well over 20% of our lands already being degraded.

Thanks to The Discovery of Ice being Atmospheric – we provide entry-level systems & entry-level



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