Making usable materials from Recycled Plastics

About Solution

KALTANI is a Nigerian based sustainability
focused enterprise committed to tackling the global plastic waste epidemic by utilizing systematic scalable steps to REDUCE PET Plastic Bottle pollution and carbon emissions. We are committed to promoting economic growth, social and developmental impact. The project will channel used and waste PET Plastic bottles to productive use by collecting, sorting, washing and RECYCLING these bottles into PET flakes for REUSE in manufacturing industries.

KALTANI’s Eco-Friendly recycling project will achieve the following:

  • Immense ENVIRONMENTAL impact – Mitigate the excessive burning of PET plastic bottles in landfills and will reduce the number of PET plastics bottles that are eventually dumped in our oceans.
  • Significant SOCIAL impact
    Create thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Nigeria especially for those at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Noteworthy DEVELOPMENTAL impact – By addressing and solving multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria.

Sustainability is at the core of our business and we take an eco-friendly approach in all our operations:

Our Pilot Factory

  • KALTANI’s factory is fully solar powered, utilizing 1,150 square meters of solar panels, solar inverter batteries and solar optimized generators.
  • KALTANI’s solar hybrid powered factory will reduce 150 Metric Tonnes of C02 annually. This is equivalent to 6,556 trees planted per year and 33 years of emissions from a passenger car annually.

Our Pilot Offices & Hostels

KALTANI’s offices & hostels are located on our factory site along Lagos – Ibadan expressway and are fully powered by the residual electricity produced from the factory. Our offices and hostels were built from multiple repurposed 40ft shipping containers.

Environmental Impact – Addressing Climate Change

KALTANI is currently at the pilot stage, but once at scale (10,000kg/hr.) in Nigeria, and an additional (10,000kg/hr.) in other west African countries with support from our impact investors, grant competitions, off-take commercial partners which we have secured via commercial agreements, raw material suppliers which we have secured via agreements with the Nigerian State Governments and our fiber and food grade wash and recycling plants, will recycle 60,000MT (c. 15% of Nigerian PET waste) of PET Plastic pollution REMOVING 1.2 BILLION used PET bottles a year from the landfills and waterways in Nigeria. This will enable us save 228,645 square yards of landfill space a year and eliminate 57,150MT of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year. We will employ 1,000 Nigerians directly and 10,000 Nigerians indirectly with over 99% of them being individuals at the bottom of the pyramid.



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