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We estimate that breweries have disposed of approximately 700 billion kilograms of spent grain in 2018, 20% of which ends up in landfill costing local municipalities up to €30 per 1000 kg of waste processed (€4.2million). Per 1000 kg of spent grain processed in landfills, 513 kg of greenhouse gases are emitted to the atmosphere.

With these quantities we can potentially produce 140 billion kg of Oyster mushrooms or 700 billion euros in unrealized economic revenue by locally producing high quality fresh mushrooms with a unique better taste. Mamu, thus, creates value for breweries, consumers, and municipalities. Over time, we also plan to capitalize on the opportunity to provide farmers with high protein and high fiber vegetable-based animal feed based on the leftover substrate post-harvest of mushrooms.

Our business model involves establishing a partnership with breweries to collect their spent grain, process the spent grain into fresh Oyster mushrooms and harvest and sell 100,000 kg yearly to wholesalers at market price (EUR10/kg). We will scale by establishing operations in 10 major cities by year 5, utilizing AI & IoT to simultaneously monitor the temperature, humidity and lighting of the mushrooms.

We are building a circular economy system by linking two mature industries (brewing and agriculture) to reduce waste and create economic value for both parties. Our product is superior in quality due to the influence of the brewing process on the inoculation.

For the brewing industry, we are providing a more planet-friendly and animal-friendly option to dispose of their waste. For consumers, we are providing a sustainable means of quality food production.



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