Market-Go: Integrated System for Improving Rural People’s Economy

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High poverty and hunger problem has been major challenges for less developed countries and also for some developed countries, such as Indonesia. Although Indonesia is one of the developing country in the world that have a great potential in agricultural sector, but their hunger index on 2018 is reaching 21.9 (Serious Condition) which means almost same with some less developed countries such as Myanmar (20.1) and Lao PDR (25.3). With 33.3% of the population working as farmers and local sellers whose dominated by the rural people, their existences are really important as a component that fulfilling the country’s main supplies. But sadly, about 17.94 million of rural people there are still living in the poverty and struggling with hunger.

In Indonesia, most of the farmers are dealing with Low Digital Literacy and Inefficiency in Crops Management, beside the local sellers got Limited Access to Bigger Market and Pricing Transparency issues. Both of the stakeholders are the key to improve the prosperity in rural communities because they had problems that correlated to each other. The farmers usually choose to sell their crop yields to random third parties with low prices because they need money immediately. If there is no control from the government or other party, no detail distribution data, no documentation, and no correct treatment to the crop yields, of course they could give unfair price for the local sellers and also increase the post-harvest losses.

Because of that, we offer a solution to develop an integrated system that connecting the main players in the distribution process through platforms, there are farmers, third parties (if any), local sellers, and end-customer directly. We want to start this project as a development of our recent start-up named OkeSayur Indonesia that provide shopping and delivery service of groceries from the local markets in order to enhance the market access for the local sellers that mostly farmers and rural people in this digital and high competition era.



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