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Local shops and retailers in Jordan are not getting fair chances (the same applies in most countries), they're suffering from global eCommerce and low market reach; they decline 30-40% sales annually, and must do a digital shift, but they lack talent and know-how and unable to move online on Silos. Local people also need one place to explore and shop from local market. We provided both parties with an unlimited digital shopping mall that enables and aggregates shops/retailers in a very well structured manner to achieve the online shift seamlessly and smoothly while retaining brands identities.

Local people can seamlessly connect and explore all shops, place orders, make payments and enjoy the convenience of ecommerce.

Our solution supports local economy, contributes to country's GDP, and even boosts exports through cross-border shopping; that shop in down-town was never able to receive orders from everywhere in and outside the country, but with martix they obtained great access to market without any geographical limitations, and we facilitate all needed infrastructure services to make it happen smoothly; our differentiators are Localisation, Enabling & Aggregating.

Many shops were not able to get fair chances, they do not have ability to express themselves and demonstrate the great products they have, but being on martix they are now able to compete and win; martix is very reliable and scalable platform, we've used latest technologies and architecture to build it and introducing AI now to boost more traction and help all parties to win.

We have helped local shops to achieve $400K on online revenue in 2019 through martix platform, and yet more to come in 2020; that's all great addition to the local economy and consumption rates; local market in moving digital now across all segments, and this is after introducing martix platform and making it available to serve all parties.



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