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Approximately four (4) Used Water Sachets is indiscriminately discarded per person by over seventy million people in Nigeria daily, leaving a massive negative impact on the environment thus affecting the climate and marine system. Such wastes if not effectively collected and recycled, will end up in drainage systems, landfills, with more than half of it being burnt.

Our solution aimsto generate new jobs, reduce pollution and litter, and contribute to climate adaptation and mitigation bycollecting and recycling majority of the used water sachets before they are indiscriminately discarded, by creating a network of collection centers in already existing local restaurants, food vendor outlets and public places where volume of used water sachets wastes are generated daily. The owners and operators of such restaurants and food vendor outlets will become our collection agents and earn extra, via incentives in the form of cash or items equivalent to the quantity (weight) of water sachets they have collected and supplied.

Our solution is divided into two stages:

  • Collection of used water sachets wastes from operators of restaurants, food vendors and public places
    we will use manually operated tricycle carts (with zero emissions) to pick up waste from various created collection centers by route assignments and assemble the wastes at our our collection hub for recycling into pellets; a suitable and sustainable alternative as inputs for several industrial uses thereby encouraging a circular economy. Also, there's a huge demand for these pellets as it is a more affordable and equally effective inputs in several productions.
  • Collection of used water sachets wastes from households
    we will achieve this by installing collection kiosks across several locations in Nigeria where people can deposit their wastes for cash or item equivalents. The collection kiosks will be created and managed by us but handed over to people to run as their own business where they get a percentage for the wastes they collect over a specific period; this concept will reduce our overhead costs and create thousands of jobs in the process by making multiple business owners from a simple yet sustainable high impact drive towards a decrease in our carbon dioxide emissions as a country.

Our solution can scale exponentially across Nigeria and other developing countries where effective recycling is not fully practiced.

Our project consist of a team of 3 seasoned professionals with proven experience in the recycling industry.



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