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Challenge: High Cost of Food and Setting Up of Restaurant
We set up cloud kitchens to replace conventional restaurant. Cloud kitchen is basically food production factory where chefs prepare meals. it’s an outlet that provides no dine-in facility. They function as a production unit with a space for the preparation of food. The food can only be ordered or booked for on our app. Unlike dine-in restaurants, cloud kitchen involves low investment, less manpower and less space and low running cost, as a result of this our chefs only concentrate only on preparing high quality food at a cheap price.

In order to ensure quality and fresh raw materials of the food preparation, we created a food chain and we take charge of the delivery process direct from the farmer to the chefs to the final consumers,

Our weekly food timetable gives our customers balance diet at a very cheap price. Customers can also create food timetable for their office, school or seminar from our app.



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