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In a proper sustainable city, reducing air pollution should be one of the main goals of its officials and its community. For a city to properly reduce air pollution, city officials needs a few things: a means to quantify the amount of air pollution within their geographical boundaries, a workflow and a system to archive and analyse the data, reasonable and actionable policies from the city's officials, and of course proper cooperation and adherence from the community.

Our solution to this is MeshSense. MeshSense is a complete scalable solution that can be used by a sustainable city to monitor and analyse air pollution in order to make well informed decisions. MeshSense is comprised of two parts: a network of air quality monitoring stations and an information system for archiving and processing data. What's special with the air quality monitoring station network is that it utilises the "mesh" network topology. In a mesh network topology, data is bounced from one station to all its nearby nodes until finally reaching the master node or the central gateway. The master node or central gateway is connected to the information system and is responsible for uploading all incoming data from the mesh network to the information system. With this type of topology versus traditional means of station data transfer like SMS or via Satellite, communications costs are greatly cut down and the network's communication and spatial reach are increased significantly with more stations added to the mesh network.

The information system is the brain of MeshSense as not only does it store all the massive data coming from the mesh network, it also provides its users with analytics tools such as time-based spatial heatmaps in order to see the volume of air pollution over time and Air Quality Index calculations to give simple metric to the users on how polluted the air is. Station data can also be extracted from the system via approvable data requests for further research and commercial applications making the system also economically lucrative.

MeshSense is more than just a tool or a platform, it empowers a city to be more aware of its current air quality state. It gives the power to live more healthily in a truly sustainable proactive city.



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