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We call our new innovative solution “MESLED” (Multifunctional Energy System powered by a LED light & heat source). Its key component is a completely new multifunctional device – MESLED MODULE, able to adapt operation mode by actual season and user needs. More mesled modules connected to the pipeline infrastructure create our true product – MESLED SYSTEM.

Each greenhouse is built only at place where groundwater for plants is available. The temperature of this water is around 12 °C in the summer. Mesled is able to use free underground cold to cool down both the growing space and the LED light sources in the summer season (DOUBLE-COOLING). The most efficient cooling process for any space is due to the thermal gravity to cool it from the top. Therefore, we invented a hybrid device consisting of a LED luminaire and convection heat exchanger. The interconnection of all THREE TECHNICAL SOURCES (light, air, heat/cold) into ONE MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE opens the door to optimally use waste heat generated from semiconductorLED light sources.

Waste heat can be used to warm the system’s working water (preheating). Included fan in mesled modules can blow the waste heat down as a warm air. Warm air blown from the top of a greenhouse creates an active thermal barrier for radiant heat. The energy intensity of the winter season decreases when the heat is kept inside the greenhouse and does not leak (reduced radiant heat losses). We can achieve the needed homogeneity of this unique VIRTUAL HEAT INSULATION using many mesled modules for photosynthesis.

Mesled multifunctional system is able to adapt to the current season or in case if changes are needed. This universal and comprehensive mesled system maximizes the greenhouse energy efficiency in both cold and warm climate (in summer and winter season). The optimal form (warm air or water) of used waste heat from LEDs can be seasonally adapted thanks to three different operating modes of the new smart mesled module – a three-way circulated water within the modules.

A reliable, sustainable and long-life water-cooled LED lighting system supports the sustainable business of progressive farmers = SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY FOOD PRODUCTION. This multifunctionality is manifested in investment saving, simplified maintenance and installation and minimal daylight shading in greenhouses. The energy saving feature of mesled system (waste heat utilization and virtual heat insulation) is manifested in operation cost saving.

Based on our know-how we are ready to introduce a new multifunctional system, providing virtual heat insulation in winter, year-round lighting and air exchange, and double-cooling in summer (growing space and LEDs). This 3-IN-ONE solution converts each greenhouse into a year-round available electrical appliance in the grid, thus supporting the development of the electricity market via DEMAND REGULATION.

Nowadays, the key rule of power engineering is to keep the electricity consumption and production in balance to avoid blackouts. The power grid was not originally dimensioned to handle dynamic stability changes caused by renewable energy sources (RES). The electricity consumption in time is hard to predict. Due to RES applications the electricity production is becoming unpredictable, too. This intermittent feature of RES production is the first barrier of higher RES application, since it disturbs the power grid stability (barrier on grid operator side).

Long payback period of an investment is the second current barrier of higher application of RES (barrier on end user side). The expensive high capacity batteries are still needed to solve intermittency and use the full volume of electricity production. Limited lifetime charging cycles of batteries are behind the return on total investment.

To better utilize RES, an energy storage solution and a DEMAND-RESPONSE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE in grid are necessary. Since a cost-efficient storage of electricity in the power grid is rarely possible, the effective consumption by smart demand-response appliance is more feasible. Efficient power consumption is preferable in comparison to accumulation. This reduces the capacity needs of the required battery, and also saves its charging cycles (increase of lifetime).

Greenhouse crop production is usually situated outside the residential area, where LIGHT INTENSITY CHANGES (smog) are irrelevant, and our mesled system in greenhouse can be used flexibly in order to support the grid stability. Here the key condition is an all-year operation of the greenhouse in order to permanently provide the balancing service (always available grid balancer = blackout eliminator). The unique virtual heat insulation keeps the greenhouses always available for power grid regulation. Since mesled optimally uses the waste heat from LEDs, the full range of the unpredictable excess production by RES provides better farming condition in greenhouses.

Therefore, the use of the mesled system is global warming neutral and supports an all-year crop production, energy accumulation costs reduction and higher RES grid implementation. An effective (used waste heat), reliable (water cooled LEDs) and smart (three operation modes) demand-response appliance (greenhouse) is a solution enabling the sector to build smart grid and smart city for sustainable future. This solution supports actions against the global warming and meets the basic needs of the growing population for HEALTHY FOOD and CLEAN ENERGY.



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