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Food waste creates 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases. 128 million tons of milk are thrown away every year globally. The world doesn't need another food delivery service, it needs a solution to solve food waste. Mi Terro is the solution!Currently, there are two types of fibers in the world: petroleum-based (ex. polyester) and plant-based (ex. cotton, bamboo, modal, etc.). We are creating a third type of fiber, which is made from food waste.

Mi Terro is a new material technology company that turns milk waste into soft, sustainable, affordable fibers. Our fibers can apply to apparel, medical appliances, bedding linen, and packaging film. Through our patent-pending technology, we created the world's first apparel line made from milk waste. Our goal is replacing petroleum-based materials with protein-based materials made from food waste.We can also potentially turn any type of protein-based food waste into fibers.



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