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Empirically, it is believed that urbanization has the potential to offer sustainable socio-economic prospects and development. This is one of the issues that compel rural-urban migrations particularly in in Sub-Saharan Africa and many developing countries such as Uganda where peasant agriculture is practiced. Unabated urbanization will result into ugly global food insecurity as the food basket from rural areas is choked. This issue has been highlighted by Uganda Government and other international organisations for being phenomenal, as the country’s population is ranked among the fastest growing on earth.

Several technologies to ensure urban food security have been severally mooted in Uganda, albeit, with insignificant results. Nonetheless, I and my colleagues launched ‘Agriculture for Health and Wealth’, a community-based-organisation/company to promote urban farming for sustainable household food security. [www.agricultureforhealthandwealth.com]

So far, several technologies have been developed and shown many advantages that include: https://pulse.mtn.co.ug/utilize-space-at-home-with-urban-farming-and-micro-gardening#MTNPulse

mindset change education & training; eco-friendly and labour-saving techniques; recycling of non-biodegradable waste
polythene and plastics; provision of affordable food and resolution of health-related challenges due to contamination that would arise from poor disposal of non biodegradable rubbish , among others. These efforts have been acknowledged by many, including the President of Uganda [www.agricultureforhealthandwealth.com].

Activities Done

Education and training for mid-set change via radio, newspapers, televisions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences [ https://youtu.be/f3YUhakQ29Y & https://youtu.be/fDHImV-xaw0]

Constructing intensive, eco-friendly, labour and resource-saving technologies e.g. sack mounds, vertical, mobile, wall, racks and poly-gardens to allow landless tenants in a single roomed apartment to raise food for consumption & surplus for sale [https://news.mak.ac.ug/2019/08/kafuuma-joseph-mak-alumnus-transforming-lives-through-urban-farming-and-micro-gardening].

Reducing inorganic toxic loads from chemical sprays by organic and biological pests and disease management.

Micro-gardening on stands is also done to allow households with concrete/tarmac/lawn compounds to grow crops without damaging the compound beauty.

From inclusive media training and on-client station training via workshops and exhibitions on the model farm, hundreds have been helped to set up their own gardens to enable sustainable food sustainability.

Currently an ICT platform is in place enabling swift-consultations by farmers to resolve their agricultural problems [https://youtu.be/u-4uYE6z5hk]


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