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Microwd designs economic solutions to social problems: we want to accelerate the development of communities through financial services. Thanks to our peer to peer and crowdlending platform, we connect women entrepreneurs who are currently excluded from the formal financial system, with investors seeking social impact and financial return.

Our project seeks to provide extraordinary women living in poverty with the necessary tools to increase their income and improve their livelihoods. They are women entrepreneurs who live in rural and periurban areas of Latin America. Despite the limited resources they have, they are able to boost all of their entrepreneurial spirit to lift themselves out of poverty.

One of our key pillars is the identification of this women, who we define as “social motors of their communities”: they are hardworking, honest, ambitious. They want to improve their lives thanks to their own work and effort, and need small capital injections which they can use to improve their business. They just need someone who believes in them. We give them the chance to find this person by publishing their story in our platform. This capital injection is a loan, not a grant. It is a loan because the women do not want someones pity: they want to demonstrate that they are able to generate income thanks to their work.

Moreover, in Microwd we believe that we need to go beyond credit and offer our clients 360º support: the impact we have by combining trainings and business support with capital injections is a real game-changer. We want to offer them: i) business and livelihood trainings to equip our clients with a set of knowledge and skills which can help them in their daily lives, ii) business management support, as our field officers are able advise our entrepreneurs on a one-by-one basis, and iii) market development: by creating a Microwd Community, offering our women access to a network of suppliers, buyers and other stakeholders who can boost their growth. In this aspect, we want to highlight that we are in the process of developing an APP which will enable us to create this community.



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