Mini factory of textile recycling to support homeless in Ukraine.

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In Ukraine, almost 95% of waste is landfilled and only a small proportion is incinerated or recycled. About 6-7% of all household waste in Ukraine is textile, that could be reused or recycled, but is instead dumped at the landfills. To throw clothes to the trash is not the way out, since natural fibers can decompose for hundreds of years. Methane and CO2 gas are released into the atmosphere. In addition, synthetic textiles do not decompose, they release toxic substances into soil water and soil. To incinerate old textiles is also very harmful for environment. This leads to the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere such as carbon monoxide, dioxins and more and causes long-term pollution.

Our solution will increase utilization rates of textiles in Ukraine. With the help of mini factory of textile recycling we will be completely utilizing used clothes donated to us by citizens. It will decrease environmental pollution by textiles, as the amount of clothes thrown away or burned by citizens will be greatly reduced. Utilization of textiles will help to prevent pollution, to reduce the need for landfills, to avoid using primary fibers, to reduce energy and water consumption, to degrade demand for dyes etc.



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