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The project will be a cooperation with tree nursery operators in Uganda to propagate, manage and grow leucaena tree seedlings to a plantable size. The project is considering the leucaena tree species based on the fact that due to its fast growth, it sequesters carbon from the atmosphere at an unusually high rate, storing 50 pounds of carbon per year. The grown trees serve as woodlots supplying a sustainable source of biomass energy. The idea is that when tree seedlings have been sold or distributed the mature trees shall contribute to dealing with carbon emissions.

The project will primarily do three things:

i. Target tree nurseries majorly operated by youth or women;

ii. Provide training seminars for these tree nursery operators incorporating social, environmental and economic impacts of the leucaena tree species;

iii. Provide startup seed packages of the leucaena tree species.

The initial seed packages will be gotten from the National Government tree seed agency to guarantee that the distribution program throughout the country registers a high success rate of germination and maturity of the seedlings. Additional seed distribution will be made possible from revenues received through sales of the leucaena tree species.

The project is taking into account that planting leucaena trees comes with positive results .



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