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Greta is the global face for climate change. India’s participation in the recent climate strikes, however, was rather low considering the fact that India is the second most populated countries in the world and amongst the most vulnerable to climate change impacts. One of the key reasons for this is the low level of awareness at the ground level, especially amongst children.

Existing training programs in the field are addressing existing problems and training students on existing issues like water, waste, environment. However, these training programs are not preparing students for the future in terms of providing leadership qualities and skills to prepare them for a climate vulnerable world.

We are sensitizing students at the grass root levels, in schools and colleges, on climate change and its potential impacts. We have developed training modules for climate awareness of children (modules for school children and college students) to bring about climate awareness. These modules have been tested with more than 370 students from 3 states (Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and students from Maharashtra).

We want to give hundreds of Gretas to India through this initiative, young climate leaders, who also promote India’s traditional practices towards sustainable living. The training modules are also intended, in due course, to encourage students towards developing sustainability skills or education or explore climate entrepreneurship opportunities. The power of youth is evident across the world (especially with Great having been selected as Times Person of the year 2019) and we intend to nurture this talent in India towards the climate cause. 



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