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We are focusing on education in Senegal. Students are exposed to computing and technologies too late in their studies. These topics are presented to them from a consumer perspective (Example: use of email and Office) rather than from a contributor perspective (Example: programming). The situation differs depending on schools (private, public), places (urban, rural), social considerations (education of the parents), genders etc. Significant improvements are required.

mJangale is a social startup established in Senegal whose goal is to reduce social inequalities. It proposes a STEM program targeting youth from primary to high school. It organizes workshops introducing Python, JavaScript, connected objects, programming drones and robots, mobile and web development, and data science. Its star program permits girls to create and code fashion tech.

The teaching and learning methodologies focus on short lectures, hands-on coding sessions, projects, design thinking activities, teamwork, oral presentations and talks from guest speakers. mJangale emphasized data collection for monitoring and evaluation, collaborating with education and tech experts, creating a network of tutors, and the involvement of parents in their children’s learning.

Our clients include operators, foundations and international organizations.

More than 1000 children (~55% of girls) were trained to date in Thies, Rufisque, Kolda, Dakar and Ziguinchor. The results of mJangale have been published at academic and professional conferences including USAID mEducation and UNESCO mobile learning conferences.



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