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Taking into consideration the moment when we are sick in our rooms with no one around us, it is important to use technology to make that moment less destructive. The mobile app will allow the user to know which type of disease he or she is suffering from and prescribe medications for the user. It goes on to display available pharmacy shops which are incorporated in the app so that the user can purchase the drug online to be delivered to his or her doorstep. It will also allow the user to book hospital bed before the user gets to the hospital. Taking account of no bed syndrome which Ghana is suffering from. It will be better if the user finds out the availability of beds in a hospital and book it before he or she gets there to avert any menace upon arrival at the hospital. The app will also be incorporated with first aid solutions for at least 50 situations at the development stage but has the tendency of enlarging the scope. The app when developed will solve at least most of the problems of deadly diseases which may not necessarily have to be deadly if solved earlier.



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