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The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) centers on several activities aimed at uplifting the standard of living of developing countries, one of which is Sustainable Healthy Food for all projects.

Aja's commitment to actualizing this has driven him to establish MOFAJ AGRO SERVICES, with the objective of value addition of refining locally produced agro products into an attractive and hygienic form for consumption.

Plaintain flour has been found to be a healthy food rich in high energy. With an estimated population of over 180 million people, the demand of plantain flour in Nigeria is 20% higher than the current supply.  Also the increase in demand for plantain flour is underpinned by reported cases of the increase in diabetes.
Therefore, the business has been designed to produce for the market a nutritious 100% unripe plantain flour for household consumption, health challenged patients (diabetes ,obesity, coronary ailments etc) and confectionary industries (processing entities) and as well provide employment.



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