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There are a number of startup/government engaged in bring down the amount of crop residues being burnt in the open fields in agriculture lead economies but failed miserably. One of the reason of their failure is
handling the huge mass of crop waste (3-4 ton/acre) and cost to transport the waste from farmer`s field to processing units (USD 70/acre).

We present our patented machine -MOKSH which dries the waste 100 times faster than conventional processes and converts it to fine dried powder and carbon black while the machine is moving in the fields. The crop waste in the form of fine dried powder is 100 times more compressible than the raw form and 20 times more easier and compact to transport. Thus we reduce the transportation cost by 20 times. The conventional method of forming powder from waste includes heating the waste to reduce the moisture and then crushing it. We don’t do it conventionally. We use RF Microwaves in our machine to dry the crop waste in our machine. The moisture from the inside of crop waste is taken on the surface of waste from where it is sucked with the help of vacuum. This process is non-thermal (i.e. without heating the waste) and 100 times faster than hot air bed drying process.

Now, farmer get his one acre cleared in one hour just after harvesting the crop and he doesn’t need to spend any penny on it. Services of MOKSH are offered free of cost to the farmers and we earn revenue by selling the fine dried powder and carbon black. Startup and government agencies now get their raw material (i.e. crop waste) in compact form which is free from silica and moisture. There is no burning of crop waste in fields and no loss of nutrients. Farmers are now able to sow the next crop on time and thus earn USD 60/acre in terms of increased crop yield. Each acre of crop waste produces 1450 kg of CO2 when burnt in open. We have prevented the crop burning in 1400 acres till now.



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