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Each Latin American generates a kilo of garbage a day and the region as a whole, about 541,000 tons, according to a report by UN Environment. A third of all municipal waste generated in Latin America and the Caribbean still end up in open dumps or the environment, a practice that affects the health of its inhabitants and is polluting soil, water and air. Outdoor landfills present serious environmental problems both globally and locally.

Additionally, much of the plastic waste ends its useful life in water sources, reducing marine fauna and permanently damaging its ecosystems.

Montesol tries to contribute directly with the decrease in the rate of plastics that end up in landfills or in the oceans.

We currently have five products (solid shampoo, solid cologne, solid conditioner, solid shaving cream and off-road balm).

We want to help reduce the footprint left by plastic bottles, which on average, a person consumes between 195 and 230 PET bottles per year.

They are products designed to last and using elements of circular economy, sustainability and design engineering, they are capable of reducing plastic packaging.

For example, our solid shampoo has the following characteristics:

  • 0% probability of leakage in suitcases: it will not explode or spill into the suitcase. In the cabin it passes without problems because it is not liquid.
  • completely natural: no preservatives because it has no water, no parabens, no salt, all made with 100% natural materials excellent for your body.
  • Goodbye plastic: forget about the conventional bottle. The planet smiles: only you consume on average 195 plastic bottles per year.
  • Solid shampoo can also be used on the body: only for hair gives between 120 and 140 washes. This is like buying 3 bottles of traditional shampoo. The solid shampoo ends up being a very smart purchase.



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