Moringa commercialization with inclusive value chain

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No matter the poverty level, no one should suffer from malnutrition in 21stcentury. Yet, over820 million people worldwide, 4.1 million in Mali remain malnourished.My solution to fight malnutrition is the promotion of superfoods such as Moringa in Africa. With its 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory and vitamins, Moringa is capable to effectivelycombat malnutrition millions of children, young, adults and old people are suffering worldwide. Moreover,Moringa trees are reputed to provide poor and dried soils with natural good fertilizer and to be good nurse crop for slower-growing species that eventually will dominate the site. Therefore, our activities will help farmers to have a more fertile land for different kind of cultures.

While representing 51,6% of the population, women in Mali remain the poorest group with limited access to land and economic opportunities and education. My solution to create economic impact for women and young, mainly in rural area by including them in the value chain process. They will be organized into recognized farmer groups and receive technical assistance. Assistance involvesprovision of quality seeds, training on planting procedures, harvesting, cleaning and drying leaves. Via a Buyer-driven approach these women and young farmers will be organized into efficient moringa suppliers of Herou Alliance and all over the world.

Each year in Mali, six million tons of wood are exploited by the population, fostering the rapid advancement of desertification in west Africa. My solution to create an environmental impact is to promote Moringa tree planting all over the country. We aim to plant one million Moringa trees by 2025 to fight desertification in arid zones across Mali and then promote rapid shade cover in an arid zone where agriculture is the main activity.



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