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Trenggalek is the largest fish producer in southern East Java. Every day hundreds of tons of fish are obtained from the Konang.Trenggalek beach fish market in East Java. The use of disposable plastic is a serious problem because it leaves waste both on the beach and on the market.This project will promote the use of fish containers by using eco containers as substitutes for disposable plastic containers. The movement to stop the use of disposable plastic without the education and training of alternative containers makes people reluctant to switch to another container.An ecological system is an inseparable relationship (interaction) between living things and their environment . Eco container is a container for household scale that is environmentally friendly because it is made of bamboo and clay. This container can be used once or can also be used many times.

This training aims to make the fish market community understand and move to using environmentally friendly containers. Besides that, giving training to the community of women and youth to make containers from bamboo and clay. So that the availability of disposable plastic bag replacement containers can be reduced.

In this project, education will be conducted for communities around the coast about the dangers of disposable plastic waste to the environment and education / workshops for making containers from bamboo and clay. This project will provide technology-based workshops, such as cutting bamboo, smoothing bamboo, processing clay, making containers and burning them using high-tech machines. So the product produced is faster and the cost is cheaper. This eco container production is expected to improve the family's economic well-being. The project will also provide raw materials and technology tools as an initial capital for making environmentally friendly containers

The targets of this education are small traders, women's communities and youth clubs to be taught to make containers from bamboo and clay.



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