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The City of Musanze is the second largest City in Rwanda and among the fastest growing Cities in Country due to intensive commercial and touristic activities. Is home to about 152,684 (2019) people and this shall triple by 2030, and regular access to healthy and sustain food is a challenge for many low income people in the City. Musanze City as the biggest destinations region for international tourism in Rwanda, there is a high level of demand for organic food among tourists who visit Volcanoes National Park, however, supply of locally grown organic food is not sufficient. KWDG wants to become the leading organic vegetable supplier in the region.

The solution seeks to address the challenge by supporting Kimonyi Women Development Group (KWDG) to invest in sustainable agricultural practices in order to increase food security at urban household and City Level and ensure healthy organic foods.

This project will support Women Sustainable Farming Entrepreneurship Initiative with the goal of improving their lives by making and selling value-added products from following viable and practical sustainable activities:

-Diversify its crops production through vegetable production such as tomato using greenhouse technology. Repairing of existing greenhouse and training KWDG members on best practices to help them maximize water usage and increase their production;

-Development of a Fresh Tomato Bank to process tomatoes into puree and enable tomato farmers to minimize their post-harvest losses and obtain a fair and steady price for their produce.

-Starting and running sustainable and profitable piggery venture and to supply nutritious pig meat to the City dwellers. A feed processing unit will be built wherein the maize and the millet cultivated will be used to process pig feed. The manure collected will be used for both organic farming and market gardening;

This will improve production, income levels and living conditions of the families. In short, helping 117 women means helping 117 families and the wider community

This pilot solution will provide the basis for a scalable way to establish organic food throughout all the cities in North-west region of Rwanda.



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