Mushroom - An Agritech Solution for Farmers

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Mushroom is both a technology platform that serves the agricultural sector as a virtual incubator as well as an agribusiness developmental model and more. This project is the result of a decade of research and analysis of why small businesses, in this case, agri-businesses, fail to gain better participation in the economy.

It is well known that many of the agricultural projects, primarily in Africa and other parts of the developing world, have run aground and the fields lie fallow. Many emerging farmers do not enjoy the resources of the established farmers and they lack the skills and experience to succeed in their projects.

There is also a growing gap between the emerging and established farmers due to the access to technology, information, experience and the scale of their projects. The developed world is characterised by corporate retailers who primarily source their agricultural commodities from large, established farms. So where do the emerging farmers sell their commodities?

Mushroom puts the emerging and established farmer on par with the access to knowledge and information and allow them to participate in the market place as equals.

Mushroom is a software-driven program. The question may arise: How do rural people access this technology. With the advent of open broadband on our doorstep, every person and every square inch of the globe will soon have access to the internet.

At its heart, Mushroom is software-driven with an active AI engine.

Mushroom may be considered as a customised response to the specific challenges in the agricultural sector using technology to manage and operate farms so that we can compete in the global economy while integrating the emerging farmers into the mainstream economy. Its application is global.

Due to the wide scope of what Mushroom hopes to achieve, it will be developed in phases; with each phase being complete on its own and can be introduced into the marketplace.

Mushroom is an agri-business incubation and business development program with a focus on market access.

It is designed as an Agritech initiative empowering the agricultural sector towards growth and sustainability using the power of technology and human capital.

Agricultural transformation is essential for the sustainability of the sector. Land reform means little unless we can empower and capacitate our people to use this land effectively as a mechanism for them to participate in the mainstream economy.

This empowerment will lead to transformed lives, homes, communities and society.



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