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The project will establish a mushroom multiplication center/ medium mushroom processing factory to continuously supply spawns seeds to different small hold farmers, this will give it high chances for replication to other districts in Uganda and surrounding country of R. Of Congo. The project will also focus onthe Mushroom growing and processing for better marketing.This project given its uniqueness it will help The project main focus is to improve the health and nutrition of the smallholder farmers, women and children victims through consumption of mushrooms and finally through selling of mushrooms it will generate the daily income within their households. Our customers will include, Supermarkets, restaurants and some households, tourists and international markets. The customer problem is bad debtors and cutting the price.Secondly, IDMC LTDafter conducting a feasibility study on the viable nutritional and replicable project that can multiply as well as uplift the living standards of the rural poor small holder farmers, women and children living and affected by HIV/AIDS in the area as an area that has also faced much problems like soil erosion and some serous displacements during the 1996
2002 ADF war attack in the Rwenzori region. The study cantered on the Mushroom growing and processing project, whereby the main important part of the project is transformation of the targeted beneficiaries into commercial and organic quality mushroom growers in the area through skills development. And secondly, through the consumption of mushrooms, it will boost their immune system which will contribute and make them live long and also the sales of mushrooms will gain them daily income.

Preliminary, IDMC LTD have done the following preparations in the area;-

  • Have entered into partnership with the National community of women living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA) for easy and quick identity to the targeted beneficiaries.
  • Have mobilized and formed 200 small holder farmers,rural women groups categorizedHIV/AIDS effected and the affected ones ready and capable to grow and invest in mushroom farming.
  • Have gone into partnership with the Mycolex Company Kampala on the possibilities of supplying us with continuous improved spawns (mushroom seeds)
  • Have entered into partnership with Business clinic services for acquiring our products’
  • Have entered into partnership with Kabale Mushroom Training center for possible identification of service providers for quality equipment supplies etc.



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