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MUSHTIC (Mushroom Plastic), aims to tackle the waste crisis we are all facing nowadays wether in Lebanon or globally, where the inability to manage generated waste from single use plastic products (and others) is still rising and filling our landfills, leading to public contamination and health impacts. In fact, only a few types and amounts of single use plastics are being recycled where styrofoam is not one of them at all, due to the very expensive costs of its treatment, not to forget that it's the worst type of plastic due to its high toxic emissions during and after production. As a result, all this untreated styrofoam is playing a major role in causing the greenhouse effect, leading to global warming and ultimately climate change. Our team members are big believers of maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment supporting a sane ecosystem for our future generations to live a fruitful and healthy life, this is why The Mushtic team is currently working on a material which replaces styrofoam uses, starting from its protective packaging application to its thermal and acoustical insulation purposes. Our Natural Nano-binding technology uses agricultural/industrial waste or byproducts, sourced from local farmers or industries, as a base for growth of the mycelium network. This interconnected structure creates a resilience within our bio-based material, which is the main sources of the protective properties equivalent to Styrofoam. Mushtic material is shock, water and fire tolerant all the while being 100% home-compostable (re adding nutrients to the soil after use), customizable in terms of shapes and size, and cost-effective overall. 



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