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Mwalimu solution ( came out after a longtime research on academic performance of girls students who are living in poor societies. The research showed that more than 50% of girls students in Karakata village each year do not pass their Ordinary level National Examinations. This was not a big issue to the families of those girls students due to lack of education of their parents. The worst thing is that, there was a narrow connection between those who passed Ordinary level and those who are in Ordinary level. Due to that Mwalimu Solution at its first stage in 2014 introduced a well connection of those who are in University and in high schools with students in Ordinary level at Karakata Village.

The program succeeded 100% because ordinary level students were able to meet and interact with university and high school students for tuition, exchange of ideas, inspirations and motivations.

In 2018 Mwalimu solution introduced an advanced online system that can help to connect teachers, university students with the students from various schools all over the country. Through Mwalimu Solution online system a students can find any teacher of his/her choice for a home teaching purpose.And this will help to provide employments for more than 1500 teachers per year.


When a student enters in a Mwalimu Solution platform and he or she wants to find a teacher for a tuition he/she will just fill in only one information which is; His/Her location and then the platform will show the profiles of all available teachers around his/her location.

Through Mwalimu Solution a student can also get various studying materials like books, notes and academic magazines. On top of that a student can find an academic advisor who will assist him/her in his academic matters.

The main competitors of Mwalimu solution are Mwalimuplus, Soma App and THL. But all these platforms they just provide only studying materials to students and without considering the disabled students. But Malimu solution provides a professional home teacher who will provide all the materials and teach a student at home physically. Also through Mwalimu Solution parents can also request for a home teacher for their children at all levels of education. Not only that but also a parent can have a full access for his/her child progress through academic report that will be sent to him/her every week. On top of that Mwalimu solution gave a space for parents to send their claims concerning the requested home teacher and fast response and actions will be taken for his/her concerns.



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