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In Uganda, students in rural areas have always performed very poor; as compared to their counterparts in urban areas. during last years national examinations, 90% of students in rural failed to hit the pass mark in all subjects. this is largely due to the lack of quality education materials in rural schools. the disabled students especially the blind and deaf have also always been at a disadvantage. this problem needs to be solved because may capable students in rural areas have not been given a chance to succeed. the government introduced Free education but this move has not been complimented with quality education material.the teachers in the rural areas are also not motivated hence they do not do the work to the maximum. they are not facilitated to go for refresher course and because of this his lack the competence

The solution

My eClass platform will provide education materials online for the students to access for free. we shall have lessons conducted online by teachers all over the country. students will have a wide range of teachers teaching the and assessing them as needed.

we shall also have notes, textbooks and revision questions being explained by national examiners.

the students with disabilities will also be given a chance to compete favorably because the blind will have educational materials translated into audio books and the deaf students will have sign teachers to handle them and deliver their lessons.

 i expect this platform to provide a big step to ensuring equity for all in education.

i believe  that when rural students make use of this platform, they will have the tools to compete with those in urban schools

how innovative is the idea.

it was always assumed that the reason that the rural students and the students with disabilities were performing poorly in exams was because education was expensive and so those that could not afford it were unsettled in school because they were always being set away until they finished school fees payment. the government then introduced free education for all in schools in rural areas. this was supposed to improve the quality of education for all but it has still remained very poor. i believe this is because they rural students and teachers are not given quality education materials and because of this, the teachers competence has gone down as has the continue declined of students performance. my idea will tackle this problem because the students around the country will have access to the same materials hence increase competence and gradually improve the performance



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