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We have created an app that looks at the unique challenges African pregnant women, girls and their families face. 1 out of 4 women in Africa has a fatal pregnancy outcome, an outcome that could have been prevented. There are a couple of things that contributes to this, one of them being due to a lack of information and education and this the exact reason that motivated us to create our educational pregnancy app called My Pregnancy Journey. We put together a solution that empowers all pregnant women and their families with knowledge, we strongly believe that to empower women is to create a more prosperous and sustainable society.

Many women in Africa or any other third world country in the world don't have access to decent healthcare facilities and care during pregnancy, leaving them clueless during this life changing event. These women are scared and anxious since they don't understand all the changes their bodies are going through and what is happening inside them and the growing baby. Africa is one of the countries with the highest adolescent pregnancies, HIV infections and birth deaths. We looked at all of those unique issues and created an app that our local women and girls can relate to. Each woman can personalize the app for themselves and use any of the 30 features to track her own pregnancy from week to week. The app is filled with tons of information like emergency birth, local medical services, nutrition, medication, we have a whole dad section and advice for adolescent and HIV mothers. Every week we give the mom new information of what is happening to her body and also what is happening to her growing fetus. Every week the app also updates 7 daily articles, here we have written 287 articles covering everything a pregnant women in Africa is facing during pregnancy.

We did a year of research and 2 years of putting the project together, our app went live in August 2019. We are the first pregnancy app in Africa, allowing us for mass communication.The only other solutions in Africa are sms solutions with a limited audience, or are internationally based pregnancy apps that are not focused on Africa or any other third world country in the world. The other pregnancy apps out there only focus on urban first world issues, but our app targets third world issues.



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