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Dear Friend of the Initiative,                                                                                           January 30, 2019

Lee Roberts and his team came together to lead a global mission of people with environmental pollution concerns including pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic man-made algae blooms. Through our science and innovation, you can help us lay the groundwork to create a toxic-free future.

Since we're exposed to over one billion pounds of pesticides annually in the U.S. and over five times that much globally, that's a lot of poison we've been forced to breathe and eat and drink without our knowledge and consent. We won't know the long-term damage to our health and our children's health until it's too late and this one fact alone should make you fighting mad!

Scientists now realize toxic algae may link to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Yes, algae blooms and pesticides are cancerous to human health – and three times more deadly for children. Why did we ever let it get that way?

Our biggest challenge will be taking SmartNute global (Nute = nutrient). We already know levels of pesticide and fertilizer runoff are unacceptable in America, but what about other countries? In the Netherlands, pesticides levels are 4X more than America, in China 5X, in the Bahamas 27X, and so on. This problem is getting worse, not better...

The future for SmartNute (world’s first energetic plant food amplifier) is now. What does this mean for global prosperity? First, let’s take a look at what happened to agriculture over the past 120+ years. When Big Agriculture first introduced NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) chemical fertilizer to farmers, the first few years a farmer’s crop yield was impressive, but then with the addition of more chemical fertilizers the microbial action in the soil started to die off and the plants became weak.

Once plants become weakened, pests forage the sick crops (weakened plants send out signals that attract pests = nature’s garbage collectors). Once the farmer encounters pest problems then AgChem companies are quick to offer pesticides to rid the farmer of pests. In this vicious cycle plants are weakened even more and the soil microbial action is decimated. This problem stems from NPK fertilizers only delivering three major macronutrients and not enough micronutrients necessary for good plant health capable of delivering high nutrient content and flavor.

How often have you noticed store bought veggies lack flavor? These veggies look great because they are genetically modified for appearance and not flavor or nutrient value. With SmartNute, farmers can reduce NPK chemical inputs 83% for soil growing and reduce chemical hydroponic inputs 87%.

Here’s one of many scenarios how this applies to global ecosystem revival. Let’s take the global phosphorus mining giant Mosaic, who is devastating Florida’s aquifers by their toxic mining methods they refuse to clean up. They send this phosphorus to countries around the world to pollute farmers’ lands, soil, groundwater, streams, etc. Then big chemical companies follow up to sell their poison pesticides which in turn also poison the farmer’s lands, soil, etc., and also the farmer and the farmer’s family. By reducing the use of phosphorus over 80%, plus nitrogen too, this can allow the farmer to rebuild the soil through natural inputs and yield a sustainable farming operation.

Currently, high cost and lack of awareness among farmers in developing countries regarding micronutrient benefits have limited their application. Also, farmers are unable to gauge the appropriate quantity to be used in the soil due to lack of standardized levels established by regulatory agencies when traditional methods are used. These issues will continue to act as major restraining factors for global agricultural growth unless SmartNute becomes part of the process.

While input efficiency has played a pseudo role in increased agricultural production over many decades, these gains have not benefited rural farmers and have resulted in damage to the environment, including land degradation, deforestation, over-extraction of groundwater, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

SmartNute can now help reduce these atrocities to humanity covered up by the agricultural industry for over 120 years. SmartNute is 100% from nature, non-toxic, odorless, and non-animal. SmartNute can make farmers’ lives more productive and healthier too. SmartNute does most of the thinking for farmers and can gift their crops a head start in life – and Mother Earth a new start in life!

SmartNute offers negligible cost and 80%+ inputs savings, plus major labor savings with many other rewards too. It was developed over a 4 year period with over 2,000 lab, soil, and aeroponic grow tests including over 12,000 hours in R&D with $60,000 personal funding invested. The science behind SmartNute was predicted by Einstein and developed by Tesla, and many other notable scientists, inventors, engineers, doctors and PhDs.

We’ve tested SmartNute and proved it can get the job done, but what about Lee and the team (currently independent contractors)?  

In 1984 Lee had a vision and promised himself that one day when the time was right he’d develop a plant food anomaly. Thirty years later he was meditating and that promise flashed through his mind. He immediately began assembling his plan and lab as he sensed the time was right.

Throughout his life and career he’s embraced many challenges ranging from:

1.  Professional Porsche racecar driver.

2.  From book self-publisher to being courted by AMACOM (world’s largest how-to book publisher).

3.  As charter member of Los Angeles Venture Association, chosen to present project for satellite TV antenna financing for rural SMEs. Bank of America was onboard to ensure $168 million credit line until  newspaper story revealed industry’s decision to scramble the signal and the opportunity evaporated.

4.  Chosen to create promo for first AT&T video phone for home shopping.

5.  Top creative pick for Jay Abraham’s Your Marketing Genius At Work direct mail piece (Jay was #1 marketing expert in America at the time).

6.  World class tarpon angler in Mote Marine’s tarpon DNA project (Google Lee Roberts tarpon); placed 8th worldwide against 30 year veteran tarpon guides fishing from large boats with multiple anglers. Lee had been tarpon fishing for 2 years and fished solo from a 14’ fold-up boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

7.  Successful executive coach to over 1400 executives ranging from Board members to Directors including 243 industry niches ( =107 endorsements).

8.  SmartNute co-inventor plus many other career and personal benchmarks met.

9.  All around fun person :)

So, what value do all these successes bring to the Initiative?  Three factors; innovation in diverse industries, determination and persistence. This personal and career experience has gifted Lee volumes of hindsight in order to gain crucial insight for upcoming projects. His network of executives can offer advice on areas ranging from startups, to acquisitions and mergers, to exits and most challenges we will meet along our path.

The future for SmartNute is now! Instead of going faster, faster, faster with new technology, it’s time for us to begin cleaning up the mess we’ve left behind! There are nearly 10,000 people who already believe in SmartNute’s quest at  With your help, SmartNute is on track to disrupt the nutrient and fertilizer industry. We’re ready for your help to join us and reap the ultimate reward making Mother Earth a better place for generations to come!  Sincerely, a colleague



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