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myPaddi app provides young women and girls with access to accurate, unbiased and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health information, while ensuring that they remain totally anonymous.


According to the 2016 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report, gender inequality is costing sub-Saharan Africa on average USD95 billion a year, or six percent of the region’s GDP. Another report released recently by the World Wide Web Foundation indicates that Africa has the widest gap in internet use between men and women. Of all the population that has access to internet, women make up only 25 per cent of them. All of these makes access to quality healthcare difficult for women in Africa to access.

To further compound this, every year, almost one million teenage girls become pregnant in Nigeria and most of these pregnancies are unwanted. In spite of Nigeria’s highly restrictive abortion law, an estimated 1.25 million induced abortions occur every year, with over 60% of these abortions being unsafe and performed in secret mostly by unprofessional hands. The most prominent reason for these alarming sexual and reproductive health indices is the prevailing cultural and religious bias in Nigeria, which makes it very difficult for young people to access accurate and youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services. This is compounded by the shockingly little amount of accurate information available on sexual and reproductive health, with even health workers often-times acting as barriers by failing to provide young people with supportive, non-judgmental and youth-appropriate services.


The app bridges the digital divide by focusing on young women and girls, as they are usually marginalized especially with regards to the quality of sexual and reproductive health information available. myPaddi app also connects young women to health professionals in real-time.


myPaddi gives young people access to accurate sexual and reproductive health information with emphasis on contraceptive use, prevention of sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy & HIV/STDs.

The myPaddi app has an online community where young people across Africa can ANONYMOUSLY interact with one another, & with trained counselors and doctors, plus get real-time guidance on sexual abuse, contraception, and HIV/STDs prevention. Our uniqueness is the fact that users can use the app while remaining totally ANONYMOUS. Another unique selling point is the ability of our users to chat directly with doctors, which for young people is very convenient and affordable.


The myPaddi App just launched in July of 2018 (after beta testing). The myPaddi app is now available on across all the major platforms: Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app already has 9,006 registered users from 15 countries including: Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, the U.K, Cameroon, Botswana, U.S.A and South Africa. There have been over 2,300 topics created on the app with over 12,800 conversations.

We are launching the mobile web version of the app next year that would focus on not only smartphones but also low-cost feature phones (which make up 55% of our target population). myPaddi generates revenue through paying users who purchase virtual coins on the app which enables them chat privately with a doctor. myPaddi has had over 500 payments within three months of launch of the premium service!


myPaddi got an award from the U.S. African development Foundation (USADF), and its testing was funded by the USADF & the Citi Bank Group.









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