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  • By providing rich in Omega3, protein and calcium using modern method of fish farming and technology.
  • To reduce the number of the imported catfish which worth over N109.2 billion Naira ($700million dollars) annually to minimal.
  • Provide Job opportunity to Nigeria Youths
  • To Boots the Nigeria GDP 5. To Provide high quality and disease free catfish.
  • Create a consultation unit and a bridge between young catfish farm business owners the market.
  • The solution will promote the us of local content for irrigation farming . To crops like tomatoes, cabbage etc with the water that is coming from the outlet.
  • The solution intent to address the of firewood for smoking the fish which is affecting the climate to the new mothen Technology.
  • Researchers confirmed that firewood toto dry fish increase the risk of getting cancer. . Nagloma Catfish will creat a channel in which farmers bring their for NADGLOMA catfish to dry it for them at affordable price.



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