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Nakheel is building Internet of Things based solution to enable early detection of Red Palm Weevil in palm tree farms, so that farmers can take early action and save these productive tree. Red Palm Weevil is an insect that attacks palm tree trunk by laying 300 eggs, that convert into larvae, those larvae feed into the internal fiber of the tree, and eventually lead to total destruction of the tree, while having no alarming signs for damage. Farmers are currently relying on legacy techniques like, visual inspection, pheromone, light traps …etc. those are really not effective. FAO has declared that more than 60 countries across the world are facing the danger of this insect. The Red Palm Weevil attacks more than 40 different kinds of palm trees, majority of them are productive with high economic value, like oil palm, coconut and date palm trees.

Nakheel introduces cutting edge solution to help both farmers and governments to have daily updated GIS database, to help in identifying the exact location of infested palm trees in early stage. 

Nakheel offers comprehensive web interface demonstrating the health of each single tree in the farm , and global indication of infestation trend across the country. Moreover, we empower the farmer with comprehensive mobile application to be always connected with his farm, and notified in early stage about new infestation, so that early action can be taken and tree can be saved. 


We harness the technology to save income of thousands of families across the world



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