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Precision agriculture will play a key role in boosting productivity while preserving some resources through optimising or reducing the use of inputs like fertilisers and crop-protection products.

Chemical fertilizers are costly and detrimental to the environment in the long run. It has adverse effects on useful soil microbes and declines the fertility of soil. Careless and haphazard pesticide usage increases pathogen and pest resistance, reduces soil biodiversity, kills useful soil microbes, causes bio magnification of pesticides and destroys natural habitat of farmer friends like birds.

To combat the above problem, we started research in the direction of nanotechnology. The potential uses and benefits of nanotechnology are enormous. These include insect pest management via formulations of nanomaterial of biological origin. Nano bio
pesticides and insecticides increase agricultural productivity along with use of nano bio-fertilisers.

We have been able to develop eco-friendly, cost effective and low carbon foot print fertilizers and pesticides since 2014-15 and were able to solve problems of marginalfarmers of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, particularly in the years 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Our products are frugal, efficient and have no harmful effect on the environment as it is herbal and natural salt based. In soil, the presence of an element essential for plants in the form of a nano-fertilizer allows better dissolution and faster absorption and assimilation by the plant compared to traditional fertilizers. Moreover we also advocate using cowdung compost or goat compost, which is atleast a year old, as it reduces the chance of pest infestation.Similarly our plant protector( pesticide) which is also in nano form and herbal based, behaves as a systemic pesticide , repelling the insects in 3-4 days .

We have developed a complete range of product for vegetable and some cash crop that is grown in Indian climate .

Our approach will be

  • Testing of soil parameters
  • Taking part of the field as an experimental basis
  • Results to be verified , as vegetable are 02 month crop
  • Experts opinion and Recommendations

Our products are :

  • Kohinoor gold -Plant vitaliser in liquid and globules for ground applications
  • Sil –Kalpataru flower and fruit enhancer
  • Sujalam – -( Against borer and caterpillar ) Immunity builder for pink bollworm , pod borer, fruit borer
  • Target –( Against sucking pest ) for mealy bug and whitefly, aphid etc
  • TAB
    (Antiviral )Tobacco mosaic virus in all plants
  • Nivaran – ( Antifungal ) fungicide

Moreover we have develop product for treatment of drainsin rural and urban areas ,Product is herbal based oxidant "GREEENOXY"which oxidizesthe drains sludge and make water clear , this water can be reused for agriculture after filtration and disinfection .




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