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Who is Aqua-Yield and why the company is disrupting the agricultural landscape.

Worldwide agriculture is at a crossroads. The global population is projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and Aqua-Yield’s goal is to improve fertilizer and other crop input delivery systems to produce more food, create faster and more yielding harvests while requiring less energy, saving water and greatly reducing overall environmental impact. Aqua-Yield will do this using innovative and patent-protected nanotechnology. It is the first time any company has used this incredible technology to disrupt and enhance worldwide agriculture. In fact, we have very little problem stating that Aqua-Yield is the worldwide leader in advancing nanotechnology in agriculture and the world’s agriculture and food-providing landscape will change drastically and for the better as this “nanogronomy” movement rolls forward.

Using Aqua-Yield’s nano-shied™ as a delivery source to all crops, Aqua-Yield greatly reduces the amount of overall product needed to feed and nurture, while allowing the plant (citrus, sod, nuts, corn etc) to maintain higher amounts of everything introduced to it
both through foliar and/or soil applications.

Nanotechnology has been used in several applications (medicine, stained glass windows, sunscreen, cell phones etc) for years, but it was Aqua-Yield that took the risk to establish the technology in agriculture. It is simply the “smallest innovation in agriculture history.” The nanoparticle size allows nutrients and other inputs to be placed inside the particle itself and then protected during “travel” by the nanoshield™. Introduced through plant leaves or roots, once inside, the nanoshield™ dissolves, allowing its contents immediate access to the inside of the plant. Because of this delivery system, the plant receives a much larger percentage of all inputs, adding to the overall health and development , increasing plant growth and producing larger yields.

Statistics from the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) show that many times
at best
when placing fertilizer on crops, only 50 percent (50%) of the overall application actually makes it into the plant to help the plant perform and grow as intended. That is a huge waste and leads to this incredibly positive example of what Aqua-Yield nanotechnology can do. A farmer that in that past had to use 50 gallons of phosphorus can now take the application total to only 35 gallons…and then, with only four (4) ounces of one Aqua-Yield product, Nanophos™ can feed the same amount of acreage! These examples happen all the time in practical and university trials, and led to Aqua-Yield receiving Utah’s Green Award for environmental stewardship. In receiving this award, Aqua-Yield CEO Clark Bell said: “Our patented and proprietary processes help plants better absorb fertilizer, grow faster and drastically reduce overall use of water. Two examples of this; for farming giant Del Monte, that meant a 60 percent reduction in phosphorus fertilizer and a 30–64 percent increase in yield. For Sumter Sod in Leslie, GA, growth cycle was cut by more than half, saving millions of gallons of water.”

Just as one must pay notice to the important higher percentages of inputs the nanoshield™ allows plants to receive, is what you could call the opposite positive impacts of Aqua-Yield’s technology which must….MUST….also be noted. Less inputs and drastically higher absorption rates by plants using Aqua-Yield nanotechnolgoy, mean an improvement and reduction in overall “outputs” or what the land discharges with each harvest cycle. With Aqua-Yield’s impressive rates of product introduced to plants, comes a much smaller impact from leftover or residual product in the soil and runoff to local groundwater outlets. This leads to healthier soils for re-use after re-use and continued harvests, while reducing environmental impacts on those who live, farm and survive “downstream”. Aqua-Yield is allowing famers to maximize the use of every acre/hectare of land while maintaining the highest level of environmental awareness.

Availability to all

When Aqua-Yield began this technological disruption of the agriculture industry, it did so in somewhat of an awkward manner. We called it Aqua-Yield 1.0 (one point oh). Large multi-gallon totes of product were literally taken to a farmer’s land when he/she had to mix with purified water and the add to the water irrigation system. The products performed remarkably well, but the process was somewhat burdensome and logistically out of balance.

The company quickly recognized that in order to make the product more accessible to all, two things had to take place: One
a reduction in the quantity size of product used and two
the establishment of a network of those who could inform and educate others (other famers) about the advantages this incredible nanotechnology brings to every farmer, whether on a multi-thousand acre farm in Nebraska, or a family-operated 3-hectare farm in India!

One: While some of those who initially trialed and used the 1.0 version of the Aqua-Yield 250 gallon totes continue using them today, that simply is not practical for most around the world. In 2017, Aqua-Yield introduced their “version 2.0” which substantially reduced the size of the product container — down to only 2.5 gallons — and made the use of product immediately available to all. (and not only the use, but the shipping availability to all areas of the world!) Using the new product containers, farmers can do everything themselves. In numbers that have been proven over and over again, farmers can use as little as four (4) ounces of product to treat, fertilize, weed eradication, nurture and feed, up to 80 acres of land! This move was monumental in accomplishing the goal and focus of Aqua-Yield; to make product available on a worldwide scale while saving all farmers, both large and small, urban and rural, time, labor costs and water, while increasing the overall health of their crops, creating a faster growth cycle and leading to increased harvests/yields and a faster time to market. Aqua-Yield’s nanotechnology and nanogronomy is allowing farmers around the world to grow more and healthier crops, harvest more quickly and protect our planet’s environment. Aqua-Yield’s priorities are totally inline with feeding our growing worldwide population AND protecting the world’s environment.

Two: To expand execution and availability of product, CEO Clark Bell had the idea to introduce Aqua-Yield’s Farmer Dealer Network. The goal behind the network is to use the expertise and successful execution/use of Aqua-Yield’s nanotechnology of one farmer in a given region, and have that farmer introduce Aqua-Yield to other farmers in the same geographical region. Agriculture is NOT like a television commercial where a new cell phone is introduced and everyone has to have one. With agriculture, farmers across the globe have…for the most part….been living on and farming their lands for decades; just like previous familiar generations. Farmers want to know what’s happening to advance and assist them in increasing crops etc., but they are much more likely to make change when introduced to something and educated on that “something” by another farmer. Aqua-Yield has a goal of 60 farmer/dealers in the U-S by the end of this year and the company is already carrying out similar business models in several foreign countries. In Aqua-Yield’s 2.0 model, the product is immediately more accessible to all famers across the world and the use of the product is taught/shared but those already immersed in agriculture/farming. Auqa-Yiled has a farmer to farmer dealer/user network.


Aqua-YIeld® is farmers helping farmers around the globe by introducing the smallest innovation in agriculture; the nano-particle. Through its patented processes, Aqua-Yield can literally change the way agriculture is practice throughout the world, allowing access to this technology to famers anywhere and everywhere. From thousand-acre farms in Texas and Arizona to a two hectare farm in Zimbabwe, Aqua-Yield is the leader in allowing famers to save on overall costs, decrease all input costs and see dramatic results in healthier crops with faster growth, larger yields and increased times to market. Indeed, it is the smallest innovation in agriculture which has the most absolute opportunity to feed the world and offer every farmer across the world the real chance to feed his/her family and the entire worldwide growing population WHILE caring for our plant’s valued and finite natural resources; namely, water.



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