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the biggest problem today is not only the inability to consume healthy foods which are not chemically produced but also to balance the food as a result so many people are diseased. our solution is first to educate the societies on the importance of minding their eating habits and lifestyle changes needed to preserve health, secondly we shall conduct a training center where people from various places can be trained on how to produce foods for their family use and the importance of owning a piece of land for production on a smaller scale as this will help them save a little for other things they can not produce for themselves. we realize that to meet the healthy food challenge we need to empower others to carry forward the global plan for sustainability and hence we shall establish a training school for organic farming and preservation.

thirdly, to address the challenge we shall scale up our organic productions of healthy foods and medicinal spices, this we shall do as we shall produce all sorts of leafy vegetables, stalk vegetables, nuts, legumes, tree fruits, tubers, cucurbits and many more. this list does not limit the types of beneficial foods that humans need but we believe we do not have to do everything ourselves but empower others doing quality works by providing them markets.

production does not complete the solution to the challenge but preserving and making your products on the world market for other people to access wholesome foods and so fourthly, we shall set up manufacturing factories and warehouses. in the factories we shall preserve the foods using the most healthful methods and technologies so as to make the products readily available in different tastes, sizes and conveniences. we will not only use our locally produced foods but also import certain other foods from other countries for supplying our local markets for example dates, which can be turned into awesome syrups for diabetics, hypertensive patients and many more.

to ensure this plan is a success we shall need to expand our production site to about 12,000km2 and have necessary equipment and contacts.

finally we believe in continuity of development and to this end we shall have a timber plantation to support preserve our mother earth, we shall manufacture, organic fertilizers and also preserve seed for the future generations. the whole matter is to benefit society, environment and economy and this we diligently guard always.



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