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This meal is pap which is a breakfast cereal that has been consumed. It usually has a primary production or cooking before it can be cooked to be eaten. After primary production it cannot last more than 2 days without changing the water it is stored in and this also promotes fermentation. It can also be kept in a fridge but the moisture content also promotes fermentation. This way of preserving the food is very unhealthy and unsafe as most times, the food is cooked for final consumption when it is already partially degraded. This is dangerous for our health. My project seeks to find longer ways of preserving the pap and for finding a much better way to preserve it which ensures healthy consumption as this meal is consumed mostly by babies, little children and nursing mothers. The health of the community is our priority. By Drying and packing this pap, we increase the shelf life and not only that but provides a method of keeping it in Mich better conditions with is more attractive to the consumers are more safe in the packaged form. This project therefore promotes a sustainable and healthy food consumption, and at the same time fighting against hunger as it provides more food in the society. This is also very affordable at 200fCFA, and so it is a meal for all.



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