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We have tried both B2C and B2B. B2B is our sweet spot. 

The first set of our MVPs are more along the luxury line and we would like to tap the low-income housing sector on the second phase. Why? Because the Philippines has a total population of 103 million and is estimated to rise to 124 million by 2030. Alongside with the increase in  population, the housing backlog is also estimated to increase with the low-income sectors being the most affected. Container Living would like to tap a market of 3.08 million units this particular sector --
a sector which is worth Php 2.5 Trillion.With a simplified product in place, we are now ready to enter the B2B2C arena. We are now ready to tap big construction firms and property developers to be able to get hold of a share in this Php 2.5 Trillion market. We now see them as a client and not as a competition. We are finally ready to move on from being a contractor to now a being a manufacturer with a product that can be offered to both local and international market

Addressing the housing backlog remains to be a big challenge for the country. The Philippines isn’t building enough homes. In 2017, the housing backlog is estimated to be at 5.7 million units. This figure indicates that over 20 million Filipino families have no decent home of their own and this number can easily rise in the event of a disaster like a typhoon or an earthquake. 

Also, the construction sector accounts for 39% of the Carbon Dioxide emitted in the atmosphere? Now, to reduce the environmental impact of the construction sector, it is essential that we outsource materials that does not require the use of fossil fuels and cause high carbon emissions

The difference of our startup is that we are proposing a green solution to our country's affordable housing crisis by providing options for the low-income segments rather than adding to the already saturated middle
and open market segment. The Philippines isn't building enough homes and we are here to help address that.

Our products are hurricane, earthquake and tsunami resistant structures. Although other building methodologies can also achieve the same, it can be more expensive. While with ours, we keep the costs low while providing higher quality structures --
a true value for money. 



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