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Nextgen been 3 yrs in the organic fertilizer distribution. A duly Philippines registered company that engages in distribution of Organic Products, particularly in Agriculture, Wellness, Personal Care and Technology. To address effectively our Country's RA10068 , we encouraged farmers/land owners to partner with Nextgen by allowing us to plant yellow corn , soya beans, rice and others with Nextgen's technical supervision so that we may be ensured of a good harvest. The contract is minimum for 10 years and we provide Php 3,000.00 grocery allowance to the farmer/land owners while waiting for the harvest. After deducting the overall expenses , we share the 60% to them and only 40% retains to Nextgen. Nextgen will also be buying the harvest based on the present prevailing national buying price. Adapting this system, we help poor farmers be debt free. Unlike the traditional Cooperatives, farmers availed loans with interest and once the proceeds(Cash )were released to the borrower farmers, the money were spent to buying other items instead of buying the necessary seedlings, fertilizers and food and it will surely end up to failure and they may unable to pay back the Loan and it may bloated with interest and it may result to Foreclosures of the Land they till. With Nextgen with Farmers Partnership Program, we help  Farmers the burden of paying interest but also we encouraged them to become a Nextgen Distributor for them to earn more. Imagine if they were able to invite 2 farmers with 10 hectares each who agreed to partner with Nextgen with Farmers Partnership Program, say Nextgen will plant corn in that 20 hectares farm. Cropping normally 2-3 times a year. Every hectare has a budget of 3 packages of Fertilizers that will be used in land preparation and maintenance. Meaning 20 hectares multiply it to 3 packages per hectare = 60 packages . Then in the Networking Binary System it reflects 30 pairs with an equivalent of Php1,500.00 per pair so total of Php 45,000.00 earnings of the Farmer/Distributor every cropping to top up to his 60% share of harvest. Another additional income if, the 2 Farmers were also going to invite more Farmer/Distributor to join in the Partnership Program, more and more earnings to the Farmers and without knowing it, we already groomed them as business people. Farmers are the most needed in every country because FOOD is the number ONE BASIC NEED of every individual to survive on earth, so it's our moral obligation to support and uplift the true Hero-Farmers . Once Farmers were fully satisfied of their earnings, naturally it would encourage/ attract more other people to go farming. The end result, it healed EARTH and healed the World. Yes , World because we want other countries to benefit of our VISION and Mission and promoting our Advocacy which are Healthy Soil, Healthy Environment , Healthy Plant, Healthy People, and Healthy Wonderful World to Rural Transformation to ZERO Hunger . We welcome Country Stockiship/Investors to Partner and invest to Nextgen . Those interested please feel free to contact the Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity for us to coordinate with each others common GOAL. Note: 10 hectares in every area/barangay not necessarily owned by 1 Farmer. It may be owned by 2 or more for as long as the minimum is 10 hectares in every area/barangay so that the planting costs be lowered down and it will result to high net profit income. For Country Stockish requires only $2.5 Million ( with products equivalent and operations support ). To support the Country Stockish, we also need to have a Regional Stockish ( $200,000 ) ,  Provincial ( $40,000 ) , Municipal Stockish ( $10,000 ) , Barangay ( $2,500 ). With this approach, all the stockish are going to share 5% of Nextgen's Net Profit per harvest, aside from the Binary and MLM earnings from the Distributors investing for 1 package worth of Php 8,988.00 Only ( ( Php10,000 worth of products) to start the Nextgen Business.

If i win, i may invest the money to open a Regional Stockish so that i can be helping/assisting Nextgen to fully promote the program. I am now 63 years old, and i still have high hopes that with Nextgen, my 3 sons and 12 grandchildren will be benefiting in the future of my efforts today. Charity begins at home and then we spread to the world.



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