Nfiber for a better planet.

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We are going to ensure women’s safety, education, health & sanitation which is a big problem in Bangladesh.

Problems:  Bangladesh is the number one cotton importer in the world. Bangladesh can only produce 3% cotton of its total demand. The production cost of cotton products is very high. 95% women don’t use sanitary napkin because they can’t afford it. [Report: Daily Star]. Approximately 10 lakh Rohingya Refugee is staying in Bangladesh at present who are unemployed. 60% garment workers will lose their job by 2030 because of this high cost. [Report: Daily Star]

Solution: To create job sector for those 60% garment workers. To make employed the 10 lakh Rohingya Refugees. To make self-employed the 95% women who are not allowed to work outside. To replace the costly imported cotton by domestic banana fiber.

In banana plantations, after the fruits are harvested, the

trunks or stems will be wasted. Billion tons of stems and leaves

are thrown away annually. Such waste provides obtainable

sources of fibers, which leads to the reduction of other natural

and synthetic fibers' production that requires extra energy,

fertilizer, and chemical. The properties of banana fiber are

good absorbent, highly breathable, quickly dry with high tensile strength.

Products:  Our brand name is “Socialica”

Socialica Sanitary napkin & Diaper from banana fiber

Business model steps:

Step 1: Making a community of 10-20 members in every home.

Step 2: Collect raw materials from banana stem and process them 

Step 3: Give them training

Step 4: They make products by following our instructions

Step 5: They send products to us or sell on marketplace


1.     Women Empowerment

2.     Refugees Education, Health & Sanitation

3.     Reduce Early Marriage

4.     Eco Friendly Product Culture



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